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Jordan Blogger is about a unique content that reflects the needs and desires of online and offline shoppers, who are seeking to enjoy their shopping journey.

It was established in 2020 after thorough research and study of both consumer behaviors and market trends. As a result, we, as Jordan Blogger, found out that there was a gap between what shoppers sought and what the market offered. Consequently, the idea of creating valuable and trustworthy content, in English and Arabic, came to life to help the audience find what they want at less cost, time, and effort. Continue reading “About Us”


Do I have Shopping Mania? Or It Is Only Shopping Frenzy? Or Whatever, I Don’t Care, I only Shop!

How many brands do you follow on your social media? Do you feel like following every new release, trend, or style? So, what is it, shopping mania or just a fad of shopping frenzy?  Whenever I see a new fashion, style, trend, or fad, I always remember Malcolm Gladwell’s bestseller Tipping Points and its three agents …

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